Come Out
to Play, Polk!

Polk Plays is an Initiative of
Florida Children's Museum

It’s your go-to resource to find support, tips, and tricks on how to help your child be a successful student. All you have to do is play!

One of the best ways to help your young child succeed is to play with them!

Why Play?

When kids play with a grownup, they create connections that strengthen vocabulary and build healthy brains. Did you know kids need a strong vocabulary to learn how to read?

How's it Funded?

Polk Plays is funded through the United Way Community Wellness Initiative and is open to all students receiving school readiness assistance through the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County OR Polk County residents with an EBT SNAP card.

What Does it Do?

By offering healthy play-based learning experiences, Polk Plays helps your child be more successful in school and in life.

How Much is it?

Every school readiness child OR Polk County resident with an EBT SNAP card receives a FREE one-year membership to Florida Children’s Museum. Membership includes all members of the household.

Before you begin, you’ll need an email address, internet access, and a child who has qualified for and is receiving a school readiness voucher OR your EBT SNAP card as a Polk County resident.

How Do I Redeem My FREE Polk Plays Membership
to Florida Children’s Museum?

First Watch

a Short Video

This video will help you get the most out of your membership.

Two Click

the Link

After the video, click the link to register & complete the form.

Three Save

Your Membership

You’ll receive an email confirmation & digital membership card.